News: Android sales grow 886%, surpass iPhone in Q2 ’10

Two separate surveys released on Monday showed that Android smartphone sales surpassed iPhone sales in the second quarter of 2010. In the US, Android OS accounted for 27% of new sales, while Apple iPhone OS accounted for 23% according to Nielsen. Both are still behind RIM, which sold 33% of smartphones.

Android OS market share beats iPhone OSNote how Apple’s market share started to drop with the arrival of second generation of Android phones (such as Motorola Droid) in Q4 2009. However, remember that Apple’s numbers do not include iPod Touch or iPad, which also run iPhone OS, but obviously are not counted as smartphones.

Second survey from Canalys showed that worldwide Android sales grew 10 times over the year and Android’s worldwide market share is now 17%, behind Nokia (38%) and RIM (19%). Apple is in the fourth place with 13%. Ed Burnette at ZDNet has obtained from Canalysis the chart below which was not included in the press release. Note Android’s worldwide growth at 886% .

Worldwide smart phone market

OS vendor Q2 2010 shipments % share Q2 2009 shipments % share % growth
Symbian 27,129,340 43.5 19,178,910 50.3 41.5
RIM 11,248,830 18.0 7,975,950 20.9 41.0
Android 10,689,290 17.1 1,084,240 2.8 885.9
Apple 8,411,910 13.5 5,211,560 13.7 61.4
Microsoft 3,083,060 4.9 3,431,380 9.0 -10.2
Others 1,851,830 3.0 1,244,620 3.3 48.8
Total 62,414,260 100 38,126,660 100 63.3

Source: Canalys, Smart Phone Analysis, August 2010

(Update 08/4/2010): Another report released by NPD Group showed that among US consumers Android became top selling smartphone platform with 33% of all smartphones purchased in Q2, ahead of RIM (28 percent) and Apple (22 percent).

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