News: Android walking navigation, Verizon cripples Samsung Fascinate, Apple relaxes dev tools restrictions

  • Android Google Maps application is updated with walking step-by-step navigation. User interface of the Maps app has been slightly updated and now Layers, Places and My Location icons are always visible in the main view.

  • Samsung Fascinate goes on sale with Verizon. An otherwise excellent version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S line has been significantly crippled by Verizon: Google search has been replaced with Bing search and users cannot change the search engine in the stock firmware. This earns Samsung Fascinate a place in the Android Phones to Avoid list.
  • Google launched Instant Search: search results are displayed as users type their queries.
  • Apple relaxed restrictions that should have never been placed in the first place on using 3rd party compilers to create apps for iPhone OS (iOS). The infamous section 3.1.1 has been added in April to block Adobe’s Flash development tool that compiled Flash apps into native iPhone apps. The sudden turnaround has been caused by the rapidly increasing popularity of Android OS, which doesn’t place any restrictions on development tools.
  • Apple made no changes to its censorship policies of the App Store, but the guidelines are now available to the registered iPhone developers. For the rest of the world, this creepy document can be read at gizmodo.
  • Notifications of the missed calls to your Google Voice number can be delivered to your Gmail Inbox.
  • 5 tips for using Priority Inbox.
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